North West Passage Expedition (2012)


Travel is…
… after 3 tries of cruising the passage, I managed to complete it once in 2012!
… following the route of historic explorers and identifying the three distinct regions of Canada’s Arctic territory: Nunavut west, central and East (Baffin) in one voyage. (all unique and different).
… photographing many hungry polar bears along the shores a Somerset Island river, feasting on belugas who were shedding their skin on the river banks while the tide trapped them on the shores.
… having the chance to explore the Maud, Amundsen lost ship anchored in Cambridge Bay’s harbour before it got transferred to Norway in 2016.
… slowly and quietly hiking 2 kms on a wet tundra to gradually make our way 500meters from a pot of Muskoxen grazing just over the ridge.
… meandering in zodiacs around mountains and ice tunnels type of icebergs.
… kayaking in a double kayak with an Australian journalist; then challenging him to jump in the frigid waters of Jakobshavn channel (Greenland) with our wet suits to experiment our endurance in such cold waters for my clients if they fall in with wet suits.(10 minutes!!)


Day 1 :

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North West Passage Expedition (2012)
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