Adventure Active Small Group Travel

You enjoy walking, hiking, cycling? Adventure travel is for you. The best part is that it caters to small groups from 2 to 16 travelers.  The logistics are taken care of and all you have to do is enjoy the trip.  You get to meet not only the locals but you sometimes make new friends with fellow international travelers.  

There are many levels of comfort and accommodation, different degrees of difficulties to themed departures like culinary or photography to choose from.  You are accompanied by a country tour leader and local sector guides. They are your best ambassadors and will assure you travel in complete safety.  And this is also a great way of supporting local businesses and promoting sustainable tourism.

This type of travel is a great option for my solo travelers who are willing to share a room to save costs, or pay a very reasonable single supplement for a room by themselves.

 I am a pioneer in Adventure Travel since 1990! This is also my style of traveling. I work with many reputable adventure travel operators and I will compare and make suitable recommendations to match your needs, budget and style. 

I also offer self guided options. We can discuss. 

Polar Expeditions: Arctic and Antarctica

Arctic or Antarctica? Russia or Greenland? South Georgia or Macquarie? Yes there is a difference in the time of year to travel to these specific regions, choosing the season, wildlife activities and the ship/operator philosophy. They are all good, some are exceptional and some lack in different services. With me to consult you, you will know in advance, there will be no surprises and no disappointments. This is where I excel and how I can help you match up with the perfect voyage. This knowledge is an accumulation coming from my personal experiences, travels and return clients.

Africa, Their Culture and Their Safaris

Africa has so much to offer: ancient cultures, colorful art, powerful drums, endless wildlife, red earth sceneries and contagious smiles!  I love visiting and helping travelers plan an exciting journey to this fascinating continent.  My small, friendly local operators are always so helpful and look forward greeting you in their country. 

Tailor Made Voyage

For the discriminating client, this is the way to travel, on his own terms and his own rhythm. I work with small operators around the world to help me build authentic itineraries. You may have an idea what you want to visit and I will orchestrate the rest.

Private Themed Group

 I thrive putting groups together. You are a group of friends who enjoy fine wines, cuisine, birding, geology, music, National Parks, spa, pilgrimages? You can be 4 or 12, why not travel together and share your mutual passion?

Airline Reservations

Working with the airlines is a challenge today more than ever. I know this industry well and work with the right partners to assure the service and value I am looking for. All in a day’s work to offer the best options for my clients. And yes for those long hours of research, follow up, being on hold for hours, they are well merited service fees. For my valued clients who understand the value of these fees and are very happy to add them to their files, I thank you.

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