Hosted and Escorted by Carole

This section are my confirmed departures that I will escort/host. Sometimes I travel with my own smaller group (I rarely go over 12) and join an existing expedition. I will add personalized pre and post excursions and stays and offer recommended best air options.

There will be other trips that will become a truly private and unique experience with just my own clients.

In the Works

This list is about the trips that I am presently working on and they will eventually move to
my “escorted/hosted by Carole” section. Note this is an advance preview and you are welcomed to add your name to my lists for these voyages and you will be the first to be contacted when they materialize.

Coups de Coeur

There are some times, as an adventure travel specialist (since 1990) where I encounter some small
group itineraries that have a twist to it. Here are but a few. There are so many in my repertoire of favorites.

Feel free to contact me with your questions.

Email Carole.

Isabella Bay, Nunavut 


carole 22

An excellent tour guide, Carole takes care of all the details, solves all the little issues that come up during a tour. She knows our wants and our needs. Her tours are unique in that she seeks out special places for us to visit. I highly recommend her

Ron and Marilyn B
Cornwall, ON

Carole has been our arctic advisor ever since we met at one of her presentations at our local library.  Carole has advised us on two trips to the Arctic: one, through the fabled Northwest Passage to Greenland on the RCGS Resolute; the other, to a lodge on stunning Lake Ennadai in Nunavut. Carole’s knowledge of the Arctic, her years of experience in arctic travel, her attention to detail, and her leadership, made our trips memorable adventures.

Jo and Colin A.
Ottawa, ON

Now that we have settled home again we wanted to again thank you all the work that you did for our group before, during and after our stay at Arctic Haven. We think, now that we are telling people what we did and saw, that we are very lucky to have had such a unique and amazing experience.

Glenn and Margie C.
Ottawa, ON
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