Haida Gwaii and Grizzlies in B.C. Summer 2024


These two intriguing regions of British Columbia will become two back to back voyages. You will have the option of joining one or both.

In 2018, I viewed an amazing drama film called S’Gaawaay (Edge of the knife) at the National Gallery Theater.  It was about the lost Haida culture and language.  I sat at the edge of my seat for over 2 hours completely mesmerized by this story. Haida Gwaii is about connecting to the land, sea and air. This adventure is close to my heart and I look forward meeting the Haida people and learn more about their past and their present lives.

As for the grizzlies north of Prince Rupert, it’s about my love of connecting with wildlife in their natural habitat.  There will be a new and unique twist to this trip. Stay tuned.


Day 1 :

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Haida Gwaii and Grizzlies in B.C. Summer 2024
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