Nunavut Remote Wilderness Lodge (2021)


Travel is…
… experiencing an amazing bright display of dancing Northern lights during our first night at the lodge.
… enjoying my first helicopter excursion and really got to visualise the vast terrain of lakes and land where nomadic Inuit used to travel on for hunting and fishing.
… spotting a pod of 30 young muskoxen from the helicopter and landing far enough to get to admire them up close with a colorful autumn colored tundra. (My picture looks like a painting!)
… delightfully entertained by the magic of the tundra’s autumn colors (pink, red, orange, yellow) picture perfect with wild life mixed in the equation.
… feeling the freedom of roaming caribou throughout the land.
… enjoying my first trip since the beginning of the pandemic with 6 great ready to travel and discover part of their own country) clients.


Day 1 :

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Nunavut Remote Wilderness Lodge (2021)
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