Nunavik Expeditions (2005 and 2009)


Travel is…
… lying flat on our ship’s bow floor with lowered lights (thanks to our understanding Captain) and with all my layers of clothing, being bobbed up and down on the waters of Hudson Bay feeling transported by the Arctic Gods to the heavens above by hours and hours of dancing green ribbons in the sky shining thru thousands of bright stars and a luminous full moon; this went on and on for 5 consecutive nights!!! I got hooked to the Arctic!!
… enjoying great camaraderie with the publisher of Photo Life, and a funky photographer hired by National Geographic (with loads of camera equipment), a travel consultant from Los Angeles and our on board Entertainment Director Randy. We have so much fun!!
… watching the growth of a upcoming great Inuit Expedition leader. Jason.
… witnessing the return of throat singing from local girls from Kuujjuak. (they have been practicing from old recordings on cassettes as the Inuit tradition had passed away). Glad to say today, it is back in full force!


Day 1 :

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Nunavik Expeditions (2005 and 2009)
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