Churchill Manitoba, Polar Bear Migration (2012)


Travel is…
… flying on a private 10 passenger flight to an isolated camp along the shores of Hudson Bay (north of Churchill) and staying in a converted Inuit hunting camp.
… waking up one morning with polar bear tracks near our cabin (and other side of our electric fence).
… walking the land with our Inuit guides, learning winter survival skills.
… watching the northern lights at -40 outside.
… sharing my trip with 5 fun loving clients (and now long lasting friends).
… being stranded an extra day because of a snow storm and having enough food and wine to compensate!
… visiting Churchill with our new friend, Bishop Rouleau who lent us his van to go and see the polar bears at Brian Ladoon’s dog compound; he also accommodated us one night because all hotels were booked.
… rushing back into the van after a quiet sleeping polar bear over the ridge made
his way to our vehicle.


Day 1 :

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Churchill Manitoba, Polar Bear Migration (2012)
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