Antarctica, South Georgia and Falklands Expedition (2015)


Travel is…
…rediscovering this amazing part of the world thru the eyes of two special clients: Michelle, a writer and poet and Chantal, an artist. There were moments I felt I was a character in a novel.
…witnessing so closely a colony of gracious black browded albatrosses sharing
their space with a colony of fun hopping rockhoppers. I was breathtakingly
humbled by Nature’s harmony.
…being mesmerized by the aqua blue and turquoise colors of floating icebergs
floating around our zodiacs.
…having a chat with a local crabeater seal.
…feeling so miniscule next to one gigantic iceberg.
…witnessing a leopard seal capturing a penguin.
…living an unforgettable moment in a quiet zodiac admiring our last whale before making our way to the ship; and all of a sudden he flips his tale right in front of us as saying one last goodbye and thanking us for respecting his space.


Day 1 :

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Antarctica, South Georgia and Falklands Expedition (2015)
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