Discovering the world thru Aunt Carole (a fun story)

A few years ago, I decided it was time that I got rid of my loads of travel (paper)photo albums. I used to share them with clients to help me sell and promote my adventures.

Alas, everything is digital now! As I went thru each and one of these (like 50+!) albums, I decided to keep the postcards that I used to purchase which best reminded me of what I was seeing locally. I also kept a few pictures of myself in memorable moments and some fun pics of children. I had some “munchkins” (they were 2 years old then) in mind when I did this triage.

My Goddaughter Jessica has these two adorable twin girls who are now 5 years old and learning Geography at (virtual) school. Their names are Katrina and Victoria (Kat and Vic for short). They love learning, books and have a very creative outlook on art, life and their surroundings, thanks to their parents and Grandparents.

Three years after I did my album clean up, I knew it was time to share those postcards and children pictures with the girls. I put together a package with some fun art stuff for kids that I picked up at the Ottawa Art Gallery in the fall, and bundled up the postcards and pictures together in a package and off it went. I made sure the name of the country was noted on all cards and pictures. Then I called their Grandma, to see if a possible globe could become an upcoming present for the girls. I heard it’s on the way.

There were postcards from: India, Indonesia, Ecuador and Galapagos, Egypt, Kenya, Paris France, and Thailand,

Well this attached picture says a thousand words. Jessica shared it with me via messenger with these added comments:

“We got your package today 😊”

“We looked at them together and they saw the image of Venus and they’re like “SHES NAKED!!” haha!”(Louvres museum in Paris)

“I love it. The girls liked looking at the photos, especially since that’s something they’re doing at school too”

“They asked a lot of questions, like it they were wearing PJs and about the bindi on some of their foreheads” (From Southern India)

Voilà! As the world turns and we humans share our knowledge, we will figure out that the world is small, and we are all part of this big puzzle. Carole

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